Immigration of Daeschler Family
to the United States of America


Filby's "Germans to America"


1. "Passenger and Immigration List Index"

Daeschler, Theophil na: America 1783 (8640 page 29)

2. Volume 33

Cath. Daeschler- 24 years old- France to USA.
Ship-"RUSLAND", Antwerp to New York 19 March 1877

3. Volume 34.

Mr. J. Daeschler- age 19 Farmer, Alsace to USA,
ship FRANCE to New York. arrived 6 November 1879

L. Daeschler-22 years old, farmer, Alsace to USA,

Mrs. F. Daeschler 24 years old Ship FRANCE, to New York arrived 6 November 1879

Marie Daeschler, 23 years old, dressmaker, Alsace to New York
ship CANADA, La Havre to New York 17 July 1879


Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler: "Alsace Emigration Book"


Volume I


Volume II

Igance Daschler- (5 persons) from Westhalten arrived USA 1-1-1817

Information from a private collection of
Ander Ganter (BP-F68790, Morschwiller)


Christian Wolff: "Guide Des Recherches Genealogiques en Alsace"



With are all gratefull to Mrs. Suzan Drescher
who did research vor us on the 38 volumes of
Filby's - "Germans to America"